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Rachael Jones

I am a mother, artist, nature loving, birth nerd. My passion for birth and pregnancy began after the birth of my first child, which was a cesarean birth. I knew that I wanted a natural, peaceful VBAC with my next birth so I began researching all about birth and pregnancy and the passion began!

After hearing about so many birthing women having birth experiences that left them feeling defeated I felt pulled to pursue birth work. I decided I wanted to start by becoming a childbirth educator so I could help inform birthing women about their choices and help them find their power. [I am currently working on my CBE certification.]

Art has been a passion since I was a child. I have dabbled in just about every form of art. My favorites are painting and needle felting. Art for me is more than a hobby. It is healing and a way for me to express my self. Creating art of birth, women, and nature are the subjects I feel most drawn to. When I was struggling after the my first birth, a cesarean, I began creating birth art and it was so healing.

Along with birth and art I love learning about holistic healing. I have always preferred doing things ‘the natural way’. Becoming a mother has encouraged me to learn more about natural remedies to heal the mind, body, and spirit. [I am a certified Yin yoga teacher. I am also currently working on a 200 hour yoga and Ayurveda certification as well as an Aromatherapy for Birth certification.]

Basically, I love art, birth, and nature and I love learning about these things. My dream is to share my knowledge and creations with others and that it will bring  light into their lives.